Dec 7, 2009

Transformation agenda and Knowledge Education Reform

Sipitang:- Council-closing program EDOSH OUM Group 1 in Sabah Forest Industries (SFI) Motel 05 December 2009 at 08.15 hours pm. At present about 27 geraduan deploma students EDOSH Group 1 completed their studies. Datuk Sapawi congratulated those who had completed their studies on a high commitment and motivation to succeed and achieve excellence in education be an example to the younger generation of youth.
Ceremony attended YB.Ahmad Hj.Bujang (Assembly N28 Sindumin) Dr.Ashok Kumar (CEO, SFI), REPIN Ibrahim (Vice President OUM) Zul Ahmad representatives DO Sipitang, Rahman Hj.Mohd.Noh (UPKR Sipitang) Member of Parliament Datuk Sapawi P 178 Sipitang, not easy to learn while working and it demands a high commitment. "Business is expected as an inducement to the younger generation in particular individuals who called the students to succeed in the field of education" said Datuk Sapawi add speech during the ceremony when implementing peutupan ROGRAM EDOSH Group 1 in the SFI Motel with OUM OUM students that have completed their learning. He told the Barisan Nasional (BN) government is always giving attention to educational development that generate human resources. Sipitang:-Majlis penutupan program EDOSH Kumpulan 1 OUM di Sabah Forest Industries (SFI) Motel pada 05 December 2009 jam 08.15 pm.
Pada ketika ini seramai 27 geraduan deploma pelajar EDOSH Kumpulan 1 menamatkan bidang pengajian mereka. Datuk Sapawi mengucapkan tahniah kepada mereka yang telah menamatkan pengajian mereka atas komitmen dan motivasi yang tinggi untuk Berjaya mencapai pendidikan yang cemerlang dan menjadi contoh kepada golongan generasi muda belia. Majlis tersebut dihadiri YB.Ahmad Hj.Bujang (ADUN N28 Sindumin)Dr.Ashok Kumar (CEO SFI), Repin Ibrahim (Vice President OUM) Zul Ahmad wakil DO Sipitang, Rahman Hj.Mohd.Noh (UPKR Sipitang)
Kata Datuk Sapawi Ahli Parliment P 178 sipitang, bukan mudah untuk belajar sambil berkerja dan ia menuntut komitmen yang tinggi. “Usaha itu diharapkan sebagai dorongan kepada generasi muda khususnya individu yang bergelar pelajar untuk Berjaya dalam bidang pelajaran”kata Datuk Sapawi menambah semasa ucapannya ketika melaksanakan majlis peutupan rogram EDOSH Kumpulan 1 OUM di SFI Motel bersama pelajar OUM yang telah menamatkan pembelajaran mereka.
Beliau memberitahu Kerajaan Barisan Nasional (BN) adalah kerajaan yang sentiasa memberi perhatian kepada pembangunan pendidikan yang menjana sumber insan.
Transformation agenda and Knowledge Education Reform Since the beginning, our country has instill the spirit, determination and political will to fight for the era of education that is emphasized throughout the country, with the knowledge in the chest it will intellectual life of the nation and become one of the leaders of our policy to always emphasize science education poem soon . With this knowledge makes us a favor noble character, have knowledge and skills,'s health physically and mentally, and a robust personality and sense of nationhood and social responsibility. In fact, in the community can often be heard asking why that happened within the meaning of formal education-and all costs are expensive, so often not achieved by them. Consequently, many community members who are not 'lucky', can enjoy the path of formal education and access to job market an increasingly competitive world. For most citizens of our society that social and economic status under the poverty line, Let alone to finance the education their children, adequate for the needs of even primary (basic needs school) sometimes have between them had holes-close exploration holes, there debt to come here, sadness and sometimes can only eat rice once a day.
Today our country has advanced step, let alone poverty hardcore poor so far different, with the infrastructure facilities that have step forward with the band width, to some extent help in learning and enhance knowledge in chest. If calculated the percentage of those educated to achieve intitusi higher education level, those who have worked in government or private companies and has been were aged. Here let teachers and middle-aged mothers should collaborate energy squeeze hands together to emphasize children who are still in high school so that they can devote full attention to education lessons.
Politics as a strong economy, robust economy because there is knowledge of education
Congratulations to the OUM 27 students who have completed their learning session 2008-2009